Island experience

Additional features

  • Interpretation activity offered by Parks Canada
  • Permanent exhibit in the foghorn building
  • Outdoor interpretation circuit
  • Lighthouse tours
  • Occasional visits of homes (during the off-season)
  • Observation instrument loan or rental
  • Space rental for business meetings
  • Tourist information and orientation at Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan
  • Exclusive products designed for international cruise clientele
  • Occasional acoustic music events or other artistic performances
  • Scientific activities (e.g.: artificial puffin burrows fitted with cams for live streaming to the visitor information and orientation room at Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan)

The island experience

How would you describe the island’s unique ambience? Begin by taking a good gulp of the salt air!

Imagine the boat as it comes alongside the dock. Whether Île aux Perroquets is bathed in glittering sunshine or shrouded in fog, the minuteness of the island never fails to impress. At a single glance, arriving visitors can take in the island’s geographical limits; in a single heartbeat, they can get a feel for its bountifulness. Imagine also a stay that enables you to commune intensely with nature. On Île aux Perroquets, this experience is sure to make a deep impression on you. In this world unto itself, the wind plays hide-and-seek with periods of calm, the sun lights up the sea in a thousand quivering hues, and birds put on a spellbinding airshow. From high up in the lighthouse, contemporary visitors become keepers of a day, standing watch over the sea just like their predecessors.