Once ashore in this singular wind-tossed island setting, visitors will enjoy tucking in for the night in the very heart of the Île aux Perroquets light station. Overnight accommodations are available in the lighthouse keeper’s house or the assistant lighthouse keeper’s home.

Opening period from June 1st to September 2th, 2024

Services on offer include:

  1. Guided cruise
  2. Rooms with one queen bed or two single beds
  3. Shared baths
  4. “Welcome cocktail” accompanied by local food appetizers
  5. Local food breakfast
  6. Unlimited, exclusive access to the lighthouse
  7. Exclusive indoor lounge areas with magnificent views
  8. Documentation available on location
  9. Unlimited access to the exhibit in the foghorn building
  10. Outdoor interpretation circuit
  11. Seabird watching
  12. Nature watching, with the possibility of observing marine mammals
  13. Admission to the national park and the interpretation activities offered by Parks Canada
  14. Photography, walking, hiking, picnicking, sunbathing, art activities

Thanks to the exhibit entitled Life on Perroquets, an initiative made possible thanks to the support of Tourisme Québec, Parks Canada and Desjardins de Mingan-Anticosti, visitors can learn more about the history of the first lighthouse stations in the Gulf of St. Lawrence – a history forged by lighthouse keepers and keepers’ assistants. With courage and determination, these men managed to overcome the isolation and constraints inherent to everyday life on the island, all the while skilfully supporting ships passing through the area. It is a history laden with colourful, stirring anecdotes. In addition, this exhibit offers a window onto the means of communication used during that era.