Board of directors


“The western end of the Mingan Archipelago is, in my view, the most interesting one, particularly in terms of marine environment. I am keenly interested in wildlife, and this area is truly alive and well. Even some of the great whales occasionally swim into this sector. Over the years, I have had the chance to come ashore on Île aux Perroquets and even to overnight twice. The sounds I heard were simply amazing. I am firmly convinced that this project will make it possible to offer a high-quality product and, at the same time, preserve the exceptional character of the island in a way that is fully mindful of the need to maintain a balance between the development and preservation of a unique environment.”


“I have had the chance to participate in this fabulous adventure, which will serve not only to protect built heritage but also to revive Île aux Perroquets. Future generations will thus have a way of remembering that as people lived their lives here, they were also writing our history.”


“As a native of Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, I have had the great fortune of hearing fantastic stories about this bit of land surrounded by the sea, whose lighthouse has protected sailors since 1888. I have had the pleasure of setting foot on this island several times; each time I was amazed by the breathtaking view to be had there. The place is heavenly, and its surroundings are teeming with a diversity of life forms. You can see a whale swimming by offshore, Atlantic puffins standing watch on the rocks and Northern gannets dive-bombing into the ocean. You might even be greeted by an overly curious seal. For me, it is a source of personal pride to take part in this truly fine project. I believe we have an exceptional product to offer our visitors.”


“Nowadays, the Mingan region’s economy is bustling. New winds appear to have swept away the former doldrums. This transformation has been uneven, and the time has come for the tourism sector to enjoy strong growth and development. The attractions of the Mingan region – its landscapes, heritage and culture – are all assets that make it a land unlike any other. The Île aux Perroquets lighthouse stands as a beacon – literally but also figuratively, considering the role it has played in the town’s history and culture down through the decades. In our day and age, we have been handed a genuine business opportunity, an outstanding product for all are visitors to discover.”


“Talk about an extraordinary adventure: showcasing a monument of light in times of storms, a guide in the midst of raging seas, a witness to so many human adventures. Lighthouses and their associated mysteries have always been a source of admiration and curiosity for. I am privileged to be a part of a dynamic team that is proud of its North Shore heritage – i.e., a team that will see to the long-term preservation of this symbol embodying the identity of a sea-oriented culture. Thanks to a totally unique visitor experience, this project will make a significant contribution to the Mingan region’s tourism offering.”


“In 2010, I was tasked with orchestrating the preservation and revitalization of the Île aux Perroquets lighthouse station. Five years later, we are homing in on that objective: efforts to restore this light station to life and ensure its long-term preservation are materializing. We have stayed the course and overcome various challenges by making collaboration and a solution-focused approach the mainstays of our modus operandi. The successful accomplishment of this major project was made possible thanks to a combination of perseverance, hard work, confidence in the island’s potential, and teamwork.”